St. Paul Lutheran Church conducts new member classes regularly through out the year.  Those interested in learning more about our congregation are encouraged to contact Pastor Mark Reshan.
St. Paul Lutheran Church is...

A supportive church, accepting the Bible as the Living Word of God and recognizing that God's love for all humanity is expressed through life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with relevance to contemporary daily life.

A welcoming church, bringing together everyone by offering an inviting and caring environment independent of membership.

A disciple church, encouraging freedom to explore new ministries and guided by our mission and mentor leaders in the exercise of their spiritual gifts.

An embracing church, recognizing that the individual is empowered to experience and celebrate God's love through loving, caring, and forgiving relationships.

A servant church, recognizing that God's love encourages each person to identify, develop, and utilize their gifts and talents to the glory of God.

A worshipping church, recognizing that worship has many faces which are important to the energy and life of those who seek to form, inform, and reform their relationship with God.


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